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Clarity PPM - Is it possible to plan in DAYS in the various parts of the Modern UX?


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There are various different parts in the Modern UX that deal with Work Efforts w.r.t Resources/Projects and their Staffing. In the Classic UX, there was a capability to plan all this in Days, along with Hours, FTE etc. Has this capability been carried over into the Modern UX?


Latest Version: 15.8.0


As of version 15.8.0, there are various aspects to this question:
1. Only FTE and Hours are available as units of measure
2. However, the following tabs within Projects are exceptions. They derive their settings from Project Management -> Settings:
Projects -> Details tab
Projects -> Tasks List tab

Days unit of measure is expected to be released in 15.8.1. Work is in progress to introduce this functionality. When this is done, uniformity across Modern UX will be achieved by providing Hours, Days and FTE as units of measure.

The Projects -> Tasks List tab is subject to be deprecated in the near future. As of now it is kept as a legacy tasks tab.

Below is a screenshot showing the available options for choosing units of measure as of version 15.8.0.