Rally - Work item connectors "Unknown key: SameSite = Lax" in console
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Rally - Work item connectors "Unknown key: SameSite = Lax" in console


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When running a work item connector, one or more of the following warnings is seen in the console:

Unknown key: SameSite = Lax

Unknown key: SameSite = None

Unknown key: Max-Age = 2592000



Release : SAAS

Component : Agile Central WIC


The current versions of Rally Work Item Connectors using the Extensible Integration Framework (EIF) written in Ruby exhibit non-impactful stderr messages related to communication with Rally via the Rally Web Services API (Rally WSAPI).

The connectors affected include the Rally Connector for Jira, the Rally Connector for HP-ALM, and the Rally Connector for TFS/VSTS/Azure DevOps. These also are known with the titles associated with the CA Technologies name for Rally, Agile Central.

The stderr output which appears as a sequence of lines of: "Unknown key: SameSite = Lax" is caused by a Ruby gem which does not recognize a Cookie key-value pair returned by Rally WSAPI for any of the normal GET, PUT, POST requests issued during the normal course of operation of the integration.

This 'Unknown key' is the result of an IETF RFC (https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-httpbis-rfc6265bis-03) regarding Cookie handling that was published in spring of 2019 and implementation in the Rally product subsequently in 2019.

The Ruby gem that the integration uses for HTTP/S communication predates the RFC and does not recognize the Cookie key-value pair associated with the 'SameSite' key, and issues stderr output when it encounters it but continues execution thereafter.


The Connectors do not use any Cookie information in any part of the integration execution so there is no loss of functionality or degradation in the scope or quality of the integration.


On the Linux platform you may suppress these errors by executing the connector and piping output to /dev/null as follows:

ruby svn2ca_agile_central.rb my_config.yml > /dev/null 2>&1


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