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Process using auto-start on Project Finish Date change is not Triggered


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


A process with an auto-start condition on the Project Finish Date change is not triggered when this changes through a system action 


  1. Create a process linked to the project object that auto-starts on update
       Auto-Start condition: Finish Date does not equal previous Finish Date:
       project.schedule_finish != project.schedule_finish__oldValue
  2. Validate and activate the process
  3. Create a project with Start and Finish Dates today, i.e 26/03/20
  4. Assign a team member to the project and assign him to a task
  5. Go to the Project Schedule tab and change the Finish Date
  6. Verify the process starts
  7. Extend the Task Finish Date further out that the Project Finish Date
       This automatically extends the Project Finish Date
  8. Verify the process starts
  9. Edit the task and change the Task Assignment Finish Date further out.
       This automatically extends the Task Finish Date as well as the Project Finish Date
  10. Check the processes tab on the project

Expected Results: The process to auto-start
Actual Results: The process does not auto-start


This is caused by DE54129


This issue is fixed in 15.9.1.