Service Catalog multiple attachments loss after submit request.
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Service Catalog multiple attachments loss after submit request.


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CA Service Catalog


I have a user that attaching 12 files and when they submit the request, its showing 0 files attached.



Release : 17.1 or prior



The multiple attachments only happens before clicking Submit request in Service Catalog. For existing/created request does not have multiple attachment in one shot. 
Before Service Catalog 17.2 ru3, no attachment size validation in multiple attachment perform whether it would exceed the max size of the attachment. Out of box size is 5MB. Therefore, Administrator may follow below article to increase the max size of attachment. 
Article 36909 Attach multiple files to a catalog request  

However, it still have chance to exceed the increased attachment max total size in the multiple attachment list before Submit the request. It led to empty/loss the attachment in submitted request in Service Catalog like this particular reported case.


In Service Catalog 17.2 has the max size attachment check in the attachment list before Sumbit. In each attachment adds to the multiple attachment list conduct total max size check. It prevents the attachment list has total size greater than the max size. For example in the below attached screen shot (SizeCheck.jpg). The 1st attached file list.txt has 2.63MB. It is less than 5MB. It could attach in the list. When the 2nd attached file has 2.87MB, try to attach into the list. The max size check perform and pop up the message exceed the max size 5MB. It prevents to attach the file.

If attach another file less than total max size out of box 5MB, it could add into the attachment list. See attached screen shot (PassCheck.jpg)

The max size attachment check in the attachment list before Submit in Service Catalog 17.2 ensure the multiple attachments in the list under total max size. It would prevent the problem loss the attachment during submit request in the previous Service Catalog version.  See attached Multiple.jpg.


1585341398313__Multiple.JPG get_app
1585341139593__PassCheck.JPG get_app
1585340969946__SizeCheck.JPG get_app