What are the minimum SQL account permissions required for the CA Business Intelligence (CABI) CMS database?


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CABI requires a database to store information about users, groups, security levels, CABI content and servers. This database, which is maintained by the Central Management Server (CMS), is known as the CMS database.

During the CABI installation, you are asked to select a CMS database to connect to. Once you select a CMS database, the CABI setup program creates the tables and views needed to use that database as the system database. During the installation, default servers, users, groups, and content are added to this database.

Prior to the CABI install, the CMS SQL database needs to be created and a SQL user assigned appropriate rights/permissions to the CMS database


The minimum SQL permissions for the SQL account assigned to the CMS database is default database owner (DBO) account permissions, which includes:

  • Permission for the account to create, edit, and drop tables

  • Permission for the account to create stored procedures


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