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pdm_mileater_nxd and pdm_mail daemon service not running


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We are using CA SDM 17.2 on windows server 2016. we are trying to configure mails for notification. However, when we check the status using pdm_status then it shows mail daemon service is not running.


Release : 17.2

Component : CA Service desk manager.


Excerpt from stdlog:
01/13 10:16:28.01 SDDEVAPP       pdm_d_mgr           34216 SIGNIFICANT  daemon_obj.c          3268 Waited 120 seconds for pdm_maileater_nxd to connect to slump.  Continuing to wait.
01/13 10:18:32.03 SDDEVAPP       pdm_d_mgr           34216 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          1990 Daemon pdm_maileater_nxd died: restarting
01/13 16:12:42.05 SDDEVAPP       pdm_d_mgr           36192 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          1990 Daemon pdm_mail_nxd died: restarting
01/13 16:12:47.05 SDDEVAPP       proctor_SDDEVAPP    24860 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          927 Process stopped ("E:/Program Files (x86)/CA/SC/JRE/11.0.3/bin/java" -XX:+UseG1GC -DAPP_NAME=mail_nxd return: 1 
01/13 16:14:52.00 SDDEVAPP       pdm_d_mgr           36192 SIGNIFICANT  daemon_obj.c          3268 Waited 120 seconds for pdm_mail_nxd to connect to slump.  Continuing to wait.

Excerpt from mail_nxd.log:
2019-08-22 00:06:54:240 INFO   [] c.c.S.mailer.NXJavaMail - Start processing all queued messages
2019-08-22 00:16:54:875 INFO  18:46:54.873UTC [] c.c.S.m.MessageProcessorChildActor - Get Max Active Sessions call received.
2019-08-22 00:16:54:882 INFO   [ForkJoinPool.commonPool-worker-3] c.c.S.m.MessageProcessorActorSystem - Mail Stats: Received(0) Sent(0) In Queue(0) In Work(0) Max Active Sessions(0) Errors(0) Invalid Msgs(0) Tracing(No) 


# Validate the content of  nx_root\site\cfg\ against working Environment. Adjust the changes in regards to working environment.
# Validate the content of nx_root\java\lib against working Environment. Copy the missing files and folder in regards to working environment.
# Restart pdm_maileater and mail_nxd daemons.
pdm_bounce pdm_maileater_nxd
pdm_bounce pdm_mail_nxd