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odbc test tool from the Policy Server cannot connect to the ODBC User Directory


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When running the odbctest command from the Policy Server for testing
purpose, it may happen that this command fails and the testing tool
cannot connect to the ODBC User Directory.

For instance, the command reports the following :

  [[email protected] bin] ./odbctest -dsn 'userstore' -table 'SmUser' -uid C##SMUSER -pwd mypassword -v

  CA, Inc.      ODBC Test Tool. (./odbctest)
  dsn = 'userstore'
  user id = 'C##SMUSER'
  table = 'SmUser'
  - Size of Universal Character Set character is 1
  - Allocating the environment
  - Allocating data source connection info 
  - Connecting to userstore
    SQLConnect: Failed...
  - return code = -1 reported
    2020-02-26 09:52:46 SQL_ERROR SQLState: H Native Error: -5 Message:
    [CA SSO][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]Unexpected Network Error.
  - return code = -1 reported
    2020-02-26 09:52:46 SQL_ERROR SQLState: 0 Native Error: 0 Message:
    [DataDirect][ODBC lib] Connection not open




  Policy Server 12.8SP3 on RedHat 6.8;
  User Store on ODBC Oracle RDBMS 12c and 19c;




Make sure that you don't have enabled the feature "Transaction Guard",
ie. commit_outcome is set to false (1). Disabling Oracle 12c
"Transaction Guard" feature will solve the issue. When enabled, the
connection won't work. You needed to use instead the Oracle PDB
(Pluggable DB name) when "Transaction Guard" is enabled.


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    Using Transaction Guard