Attached custom event and macro, will not trigger.
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Attached custom event and macro, will not trigger.


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CA Service Desk Manager


Custom event gets attached to ticket, but will not trigger.


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The issue is because of macro created.


There can be multiple causes of issue. One among them being the missing attributes in macro condition.

When a "Site defined" macro is created -> we specify the conditions to be matched.
Based on the conditions written-> when you click on save-> macro code is auto generated . Macro code is not editable.

because of some issues like either you might have removed the custom columns/renamed the columns used in Macro Condition or
macro being corrupted there are chances that the values will be missing((i) in image attached) in "Attribute" column of "Conditions" as shown in attached image but same columns will still be visible in macro code(ii).

In that case-> it is recommended to recreate macro with your required conditions again and map it to event.
Which will work.