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How are Portfolio Target and Distributed Target populated for Plan vs default portfolio for Cost values?


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This article goes over questions regarding Target values for Cost: Portfolio Cost totals in a Portfolio, including: 

  1. How are the values on the Targets tab populated in the Cost: Portfolio Cost Totals section for both plans and default portfolio?
  2. Does calculation also look at whether a plan is approved?
  3. Why do the target values appear to change depending on which plan is selected?
  4. Does the variance comes from the default vs the created plan?


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  1. Below are how values are populated in the Cost: Portfolio Cost Totals section:
    • Capital and Operating Target Values
      • For the Default Portfolio view these are pulled from the Capital Cost and Operating Cost values on the Properties tab of the portfolio
      • For a Plan these are pulled from the Plan Capital Cost and Plan Operating Cost values on the Plan's Properties tab 
        • To get to the Plan values->Go to the Plans Tab and click on the Plan, and you can view or update the amounts there. 
      • You can manually edit these values by updating the Capital and/or Operating values. This change is only reflected in the current view you are editing (example, if editing the Default portfolio the values change for that view only or if editing one plan, for that plan only)
    • Distributed Target (Total) value is manually entered.
      • You can enter a total in the Distributed Target (Total) section and then the values will spread evenly through the time scale
      • You can enter the values manually in the Time scale and then the total of all time scale periods will display in the Distributed Target (Total) section 
    • Distributed Target displays the planned cost amounts entered in the Time Scale section that fall within the Portfolio Start / Finish Dates (or Plan Start Finish Dates if in Plan mode)
      • Therefore, you may see a difference between Distributed Target and Distributed Target (Total) if you have Capital or Operating values manually entered in the Time Scale section of the Targets tab that are outside the date range of the Portfolio (Or Plan, if viewing in Plan mode)
      2. Calculation does not look at whether a plan is approved or not 
      3. Why do the target values appear to change depending on which plan is selected? 
    • Each plan may have different Plan Operating Cost and Plan Capital Cost values entered
    • For distributed values, this can happen if you have different manually entered values on the Target tab
    • For the Distributed Target, this value will vary based on values entered for Distributed amounts in the Time Scale and Plan Start/Finish dates
      4. Variance is the difference between the Target and Distributed Target (Totals) amounts

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