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SDM: Querying Incidents by specifying attributes through REST Web Services


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The following document describes how to specify certain parameters that can be applied to a given object search in Service Desk REST Web Services


Release : 17.2



Sample query that can be used to query for incidents which had been last modified either on or after a certain date:


In the above, the above REST based URL will return a list of all incidents whose last mod date (attribute: last_mod_dt) is 1585175484 (Wednesday, March 25, 2020 10:31:24 PM GMT) or later.

The key here is the "%3E%3D" operator which is the "greater than or equal" operator used in REST SQL Queries, described here:

The above effectively passed the where clause "last_mod_dt >= 1585175484".

Additional Information

One can also obtain the "last_mod_dt" attribute and other incident related attributes by running the command "bop_sinfo -d in" on the SDM Server in an Administrative Command Prompt to view the incident object's attributes.