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RC/Migrator for DB2 for Z/OS : Force an RC/Migrator Strategy to Rebuild the Index when ALTER ADD INCLUDE COLUMN is specified for indexes.


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


Whenever RC/Migrator handles an alteration strategy on an index that includes the ALTER ADD INCLUDE COLUMN parameter, it does not rebuild the index after the alteration is completed, leaving the index in REBUILD PENDING status



The Utility Profile in use does not have a "Y" in the Rebuild column for Indexes on the ADD COLUMN line.


Release: R20
Component: RCM


In order to force the strategy to REBUILD the index after an ADD INCLUDE COLUMN statement a Utility Profile and Analysis profile must be prepared using the following steps:

From the main menu of RC/Migrator:

Create a Utility Profile

  1. Enter '0' for Profile
  2. Enter U for Utility Profile Management
  3. Enter C on the CMD Line to create a new PROFILE with the appropriate share option or template an existing profile
  4. Ensure there is a "Y" on the REBUILD column under "Add COLUMN" for Indexes
  5. PF3 to create the utility profile
  6. PF3 again to go back to the RC/Migrator Profile Menu

Create an Analysis Profile and link it to the new Utility Profile.

  1. Enter P for Analysis Profile Management
  2. Enter C on the CMD Line to create a new analysis PROFILE with the appropriate share option or template an existing profile
  3. Enter the analysis option values you wish to use, when you come to "Utility Options", change "Use Utility Profile" to "Y" and enter the Utility
    Profile name and creator to include the new Utility profile that was created above.
  4. PF3 to create the Analysis Profile
  5. Press PF3 twice to get back to the main menu of RC/Migrator

Analyse the strategy

  1. Analyze your existing Alteration Strategy in Strategy Services
  2. Under "Option Specifications" enter the new Analysis Profile name and Creator of the Analysis profile created above.

The strategy analysis will now contain the utility statements to rebuild the index after the alteration