Vertica install directory sizing
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Vertica install directory sizing


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1) What is the projected growth of the default Vertica install directory (/opt/vertica)?

2) What is the space requirement for /opt/vertica?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The DX NetOps Performance Management Sizing tool can be used to properly size the Vertica /opt/vertica install home.

Once the values are entered and the numbers are calculated, select the circled 'i' icon next to the Data Repository Storage value.

This will expose values below in the browser tab like these samples.

The OS value is the minimum size required for the /opt/vertica space. It does not account for the OS space requirements, nor for /opt/CA/IMDataRepository_vertica<version> install file space requirements.

Note that engineering recommends:

  • The absolute minimum size for /opt/vertica should be 5GB.
  • The recommended size is 20GB minimum to account for future growth.

This recommendation is due to gradual increases in disk space usage over time, the bulk of which revolves around scrutinize and other debug tools generating logging packages.  Depending on the size of the environment, a single scrutinize output can exceed 1GB in size by itself and is stored within /opt/vertica. Ensure the disk space used is kept clean and free of excess files to minimize risks associated to disk full outage scenarios.