Client Automation - Remove/Delete Additional Inventory
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Client Automation - Remove/Delete Additional Inventory


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Is there any way to delete all the Additional Inventory captured on Agent machines?


Client Automation 14.0 and above


Enabling Additional Inventory should be done with care, there is no direct way to delete this data, and if it's used to perform Tests on PRODUCTION environments, an increase of MDB size will be seen with no capability to decrease it.

Having said this, there are 3 workarounds that can be used to delete this data, but each has to be used under own risk, there's no way to recover the deleted data, so please perform tests on your TEST environment first before applying this into PRODUCTION environments.

Option 1:

If Client Automation version is R14 SP2, apply patch T5SD207 (open a Support Case and request the fix), but if it's SP3, no patch is needed.

Set the following ccnfcmda command on the desired DM/EM:

ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/adminconsole -pn tableMaintenance -v true

Now open DSM Explorer and check for the following path: Control Panel -> Configuration -> Collection Modules

There will be a tab named "maintenance" under Tasks (on the left side). On clicking this, a list of inventory tables available on the db will be displayed. You can click the specific table you want to delete from MDB. The list should contain additional inventory tables, if not, then a manual deletion would be required.

NOTE: Make sure to take the complete backup of the MDB before doing this. Check for proper names of the tables in the list, as naming would be little different from the MDB.

Option 2:

First, remove all the inventory tasks you want to delete, so the Agents no longer collects new data. Let the system run to ensure there are no inventory waiting to be collected in the Scalability Server.

stop CAF services and take a fullback up the MDB

Run this query to get the tree names:

SELECT * FROM inv_tree_name_id WHERE tree_name_id > 150 AND tree_name NOT LIKE '$%$'

After this, run the following:

SELECT * FROM inv_table_map

Whit both results, find each component_name from the query above to get the 'Table_Name'.

Delete each table. There will be 2 tables with the same name "something_item" and "something_tree"

Now delete the records from the following tables

for each item in step 1

delete from Inv_table_map where component_name like 'item from step 1'
delete from inv_tree_name where tree_name like 'item from step 1'
delete from inv_tree_name_id where tree_name like 'item from step 1'

Start CAF services, Collect inventory from few systems, let the engine collect and make sure collects works and GUI does not hang.

Option 3:

If none of the above helps you, the easiest way to delete all inventory data is to delete the desired Agents from DSM Explorer (previously deleting all the additional inventory task too, as a way to avoid the inventory tasks run again on the target machines) and then go to locally the Agents machine and run it (using command: caf start amagent args /RESCAN_INVENTORY /RESCAN_SOFTWARE /COLLECT), or just wait until this Agent automatically runs and re-register against its Scalability Server, this will populate Agent information again with clean inventory data (SW and HW). You don't have to do nothing on Agents, this deletion it's only made at Domain Manager level.