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Some Devices Are Not Synchronising From Spectrum to CAPC


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Majority of the devices are synchronizing with CAPC but a few are not. 

The devices do not appear in CAPC and searching for them by IP or name returns nothing.

Performing a full synchronization (Spectrum data source) does not help. 


DX NetOps 20.2



The root cause was the few missing devices were not part of the Spectrum global collection group.


On Spectrum One-Click go to the group that has the device. 
On the right window all devices associated with the group are displayed. 
Select the device that is missing.  
Right-click it and select Add To then select Global Collection(s)...
At the next window you will see the "Is a member of" window and that is empty.
Select the global collection from the list, the global collection name should now appear under "Is a member of" and click OK. 
If required then repeat the steps for other devices.
Perform a full resync for the Spectrum data source.
Once the synchronization has finished you should now see the devices in CAPC.