Saved “Stored Path Type” for a subflow is not available for modification in ARD main flow.
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Saved “Stored Path Type” for a subflow is not available for modification in ARD main flow.


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Saved “Stored Path Type” is not available or shown in the main model where its being called or integrated.


1. Open Chess flow, Go to Path Explorer and Select “Stored Path Type” as "Test Cases" and select any optimization technique and save those paths/test cases.

2. Now select “Stored Path Type” as "Use Cases"/"Complex Cases"/"Backup"/"User Stories" from drop down and select any optimization technique and generate paths & save those paths and the flow.

3. Now open Make Tea flow, and add “Subflow Decision” and add saved Chess as sub flow.

4. When adding the new sub-flow, ARD offers the choice of how I want to integrate the model by means of a drop-down box of “Stored Path Type” . At this point I am able to see and choose Use Cases/Complex cases/Backup/User Stories which are stored.

5. After import is done, if I subsequently double-click and open the Sub-flow Decision box and look on the ‘Sub-flow Decision’ tab, the drop down of stored path types does not allow me to see and select “Stored Path Type” - Use Cases/Complex cases/Backup/User Stories, nor any other new stored path types in the sub-flow model that I may have created since. 

6. Even if use "Change Subflow Optimization" option, I do not get an option of changing “Stored Path Type” it only allows to change the technique for the same “Stored Path Type” which was used while importing the sub-flow.


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


The "Stored Path Type" for a sub-flow can be changed from "Application Links" section of the subflow block properties. Under application links section you can click on Edit option in that row and change the path type. Upon Save, you can see that change when you click "Change Subflow Optimization" and see the corresponding number of paths. Below is the screenshot for reference.