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AHD03075:Required attribute reference num is missing from object Change Order


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Customer is getting "AHD03075:Required attribute reference num is missing from object Change Order" error while trying to create change order ticket.


The issue is because of duplicate Key errors.


Login into SDM->Click on create new changeorder-> fill in all the required fields and when you click on save AHD03075 error is shown.
Attached the screenshot of error.

And in logs we have below entries:

bpvirtdb_srvr        4072 SIGNIFICANT  vdbmisc.c             1887 Requested 2 keys but received 1 keys only
bpvirtdb_srvr        4072 ERROR            vdbmisc.c             1538 Key Control error encountered. AHD04115:An unexpected error occurred. Contact your administrator.
spelsrvr                2876 ERROR            seq.spl                  78     get_unique_id() error: 
web:local             2188 ERROR            freeaccess.spl       4248 Got error trying to init_change_request >Error creating Change Order< 
domsrvr               4844 ERROR            top_ob.c                4030 Got msg with type set to 0
web:local            2188 ERROR        freeaccess.spl            25709  create checkin of chg:499801 failed: AHD03075:Required attribute reference num is missing from        object  Change Order

To resolve the issue, we have 2 steps :

Step 1:

Run pdm_key_refresh -y command.
And try to create new change order.

If you still have issue


From DB we check the keycontrol table for any duplicates.
And eliminate the duplicates to resolve the issue.
NOTE: while checking on step2 we recommend to raise a support case and contact support engineer for steps on how to check duplicates and how to eliminate them.

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