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AWI disabled How to increase the timeout


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Is there some "timeout" on the AWI? I have noticed that sometimes the AWI shows information but is "disabled", i can't click on anything and only solution is to refresh the page and login again.

what may cause this?



Release : 12.3

Component : Automic Web Interface


The parameter "automationEngineOpenConnectionTimeoutMilliseconds" in the file needs to be updated to increase the timeout. 

File location /apache/webapps/awi/config/

If you have only one connection to the AE, this parameter specifies the timeout interval for the connection between the AWI and the CP.

If you have several connections to the AE, this parameter specifies the time interval for attempting to connect to the next CP in case the previous connection fails.

Default: 10000 (10 seconds)

Tip: Increase the timeout if you have a slow connection between Tomcat and the Automation Engine

Note: You define the connections to the AE in the uc4config.xml configuration file.

Additional Information

For more details please refer to the product documentation below.

Configuring Automic Web Interface