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Download Agile Requirements Designer, ARD, file ard-launcher-3.0.tar.gz


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


The documentation for ARD refers to download ard-launcher-3.0.tar.gz in:

Where can ard-launcher-3.0.tar.gz be downloaded.



Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


Please follow these steps:
Open in the browser and sign in.
Select 'Enterprise Software'
Select 'Product Downloads'
Enter 'AGILE REQUIREMENTS DESIGNER' in the product search field and make sure the 'Product Download' tab is selected.

Then select any of the MULTIPLATFORM products that you are entitled to.
For example:
CA Agile Requirements Designer Standalone MULTI-PLATFORM
The default release is currently 3.0.

Click on the name: CA Agile Requirements Designer Standalone MULTI-PLATFORM

This will allow you to select individual installer files.

Download the following installer file using the cloud icon and click 'HTTP Via Internet browser':
CA Agile Requirements Designer Hub 3.0 - Docker installation

The zip file contains ard-launcher-3.0.tar.gz