How does PPM manage list of data with different currency codes?
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How does PPM manage list of data with different currency codes?


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The CA PPM application allows for multi-currency configuration. There are some places in the application where we feel the list of investment data with different currency codes should have the data converted to a single currency view. Which pages in the application are aware or not aware of the different currencies and manage the data to display the amounts converted into a single currency code?


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus



Within an investment, if the investment is not associated with an Entity, you can define and change the investment currency code at any time. Simply changing the currency code on an investment does not perform any recalculations on the existing number values within the investment to convert the data using the currency code foreign exchange rate. Other investments may be associated with an Entity that has specific currency codes defined. Once an investment is associated with an Entity, the investment currency code will use the defined codes in the Entity and cannot be changed. If the investment does not have any financial transactions created, the Investment billing currency code can be changed.

Cost Plans:

The Investment Cost Plan has two views. The 'Investment Currency View' allows the user to see the Planned Cost, Planned Revenue, Actual Cost and Actual Revenue with the investment currency code. This is the native amounts saved within the investment when the cost plan is created. The 'Billing Currency View' allows the user to see the Billing Planned Cost and Billing Planned Revenue with the billing currency code.  The currency codes are automatically displayed in a multi-currency environment and cannot be removed from the configuration on the financial plan views or other system-restricted views.

Object List Views:

With an Object List View, it is possible to have a list of investments with different currency codes. Any monetary fields included in the list view configuration will simply display as the saved numerical value; no conversion calculations are applied. Therefore it is important to also include the currency code field on the list view so that the end-user will be aware of the meaning of the saved values.

Investment Hierarchy List Views:

With an Investment Hierarchy List View, there are limitations on how investments can be added as a 'Child' or 'Parent' investment. Only investments belonging to the same Entity or with no Entity association are shown on the 'Add Parent' or 'Add Child' pages.  Project/Program SubProject page allows a user to add any investment even if the Entity is different. 

Pre-v14.3 versions:

The Investment Hierarchy Financial List Views and Hierarchical Grids are not Multi-Currency aware. It is up to the user, when selecting investments that do not belong to an Entity (no Department / Location selected) to be aware of the currency of the investment being added to the hierarchy. If an Investment Hierarchy includes a investments with different currencies, the end-user can create filters to manage the list for displaying aggregations that roll-up data for the same currency code. The list of hierarchy investments can also be exported to Excel for further manipulation by the end-user for converting and comparing monetary values.  

Versions higher than 14.3:

The Hierarchy Financial List Views are now aware of different investment currency codes and will convert the monetary amounts to use the currency code on the parent investment. The 'Add Child' and 'Add Parent' functionality has not changed and the logic is still the same for presenting the user with a list of investments that belong to the same Entity or with no Entity association. You can still add child investments from another Entity by using the Project / Program SubProjects page.  

Additional Information

Reference v14.3

Release Notes: Enhanced Features - Financial Rollup of Investment Hierarchy Includes Currency Conversion

Documentation: Manage Project Hierarchies - Add an Investment from Another Entity