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JRE Error When Installing DevTest 10.6.0 on Redhat 7.x: java.lang.NullPointerException at sun.awt.FontConfiguration.getVersion(


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


When trying to install the DevTest server on a VM with RedHat Linux 7.x with the command ./ -c getting the below error:

Unpacking JRE ...
Preparing JRE ...
Starting Installer ...
        at sun.awt.FontConfiguration.getVersion(
        at sun.awt.FontConfiguration.readFontConfigFile(
        at sun.awt.FontConfiguration.init(



This happens when the font directory that Adopt OpenJDK should provide does not exist


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Installing fontconfig package in RHEL 7.x server using the below commands:

yum install fontconfig
yum install dejavu-sans-font

After these packages install, you will not get the error installing DevTest.

Additional Information

If you run the above commands and get this warning message:

This system is registered to Red Hat Subscription Management, but is not receiving updates. You can use subscription-manager to assign subscriptions.
*** WARNING ***
The subscription for following product(s) has expired:
  <it will list products here>

You no longer have access to the repositories that provide these products.  It is important that you apply an active subscription in order to resume access to security and other critical updates. If You don't have other active subscriptions, you can renew the expired subscription.
No package fontconfig available.
Error: Nothing to do

Reach out to your Linux administrator to renew your subscriptions.