MCS profile is not deleting as expected
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MCS profile is not deleting as expected


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When deleting a profile from a group in MCS, the profile(s) or target(s) still appear in USM.
The profiles may show with a LOCK or a RED X next to it.


When a profile is deleted, MCS has to validate all robots in that group.
It will not complete deletion until all devices have been verified.
It will try three times to validate, with 15 minutes in between attempts.
In a large group, this can take some time to complete.


There is no way to expedite this process without manual intervention in the database (not supported or recommended).

Additional Information

Occasionally, it's possible there is an invalid profile that is preventing MCS operations from completing.

This query will show if there are any 'invalid' devices that could be messing with and/or slowing MCS operations:

SELECT cs.cs_type,cs.os_type,cs.nimbus_type,cs.dns_name,cs.mac,cs.ip,dv.cs_id,dv.device_id,,dv.alias,dv.description,dv.status,
dv.custom1,dv.custom2,dv.custom3,dv.custom4,dv.custom5,dv.usertag1,dv.usertag2,dv.origin,dv.external_id,dv.csdev_id FROM SSRV2DEVICE dv

LEFT JOIN CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM cs on cs.cs_id = dv.cs_id

join CM_DEVICE cd on (cd.cs_id = dv.cs_id and cd.probe_name = 'controller')

left outer join CM_NIMBUS_ROBOT cr on cd.dev_id = cr.dev_id

where cr.address is null

This is a simple 'select' statement that will help with troubleshooting.
If any devices are returned, please contact Support for steps on how to correct this.