OPS0053E JES3 initialization not complete
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OPS0053E JES3 initialization not complete


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


During the IPL, we had the below setup.

Init message IAT2645 will mark the JES - UP to the C_S of automation.

We are getting error, during this action as below.

OPS0053E JES3 initialization not complete

Alongside the JES has came up fine, there were no issue.

Please assist.


Release : 13.0 and all supported releases

Component : OPS/MVS


The  message does not always indicate an error.   Often it is generated because JES, regardless of JES2 or JES3, has not fully come up yet.   Review the OPSLOG to ensure that there are no other error messages and that JES does come up within a few seconds.   If either of those are not true, open a support case if you need assistance to troubleshoot, and provide the archived OPSLOG for review.   

OPS0053E js initialization not complete-                                     
     Modifiable: Yes                                                         
     The product checked the current status of the job entry subsystem during
     product initialization. The job entry subsystem was either not found or 
     was still initializing.                                                 
     This may or may not be an error message. Verify that the reported JES   
     status is in fact correct. If the actual JES status did not match the   
     JES status reported by the product, check for any other error messages. 
     If possible, fix the problem identified by the error messages and       
     restart the product. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact CA      
     Customer Support to obtain additional assistance.