Client Automation - Asset Jobs output is not replicated from Domain Manager to Enterprise Manager
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Client Automation - Asset Jobs output is not replicated from Domain Manager to Enterprise Manager


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When an Asset Job is created, the output is replicated to the Enterprise Server, but if this text is too long (238 or more, based on internal tests), this text is not replicated, making this job output visible only at Domain Manager level, not on the Enterprise Manager.


Client Automation 14.0 SP2 and  SP3


As an example, consider the following 2 Asset Jobs created on Enterprise Manager

1.- Job name "Test_EM_Rep1" with script:


NOTE: It has 238 'a' characters.

2.- Job name "Test_EM_Rep2" with script:


Assigning those 2 jobs to the same machine, and after they ran successfully, the problem appears and the first difference is seen on DSM Explorer:

Only the second job, the one with few characters, has something written on "Status Text". This can also be seen reviewing the properties of each job:

This behavior changes if the same both Asset Jobs are reviewing at Domain Manager level, where the output of the first job (long string) is shown correctly:

The content of this job can be seen on "statjob" Database table.


Engineering team built fix T5IZ420 for 14 SP2 and T5IZ421 for 14 SP3 that solves this issue.

Additional Information

This patch needs to be applied only on EM and DM. There is a SQL file for schema change on database which needs to be executed on the Database on both EM and DM. This can be done through a file by updating server name details in the .BAT or directly executing the SQL command from .sql file on database. In case there is remote MDB, the SQL command needs to be executed directly on DB.