url_response probe shows different URL values for a clear vs normal alarm
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url_response probe shows different URL values for a clear vs normal alarm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When the url_response probe sends an alarm of any non-clear severity, the alert shows only the profile name.
Afterwards, when the site comes back online and a clear alarm is sent, the alert shows the full URL of the target.


This information is generally applicable to all version of UIM and url_response.


This is due to cached information within the probe directory, containing profile information.
Changes made to the probe or profile(s) can cause the configuration to have a misalignment.


For this issue, you need to name the profile to match the target URL.
This should then send messages with identical values.

If this does not correct the issue, try the following:

> take a backup of the url_response.cfg file
> deactivate the probe
> open the url_response.cfg file in a text editor
> manually edit the file to change the profile name to the URL or value wanted
> save the text file
> activate the probe
> check for changes in alarm behavior

Since a backup is available, it is quick to revert if any issues are noticed.
Support recommends testing this on a *single* profile as a test first.
Once the behavior is confirmed, the steps can be applied to other  problem profiles.

Additional Information

From the documentation:

Profile: defines the name of the profile.
Support recommends you to use a descriptive name as the profile name is used in alarm messages

url_response IM Configuration: