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Category list displayed is not accurate when specifying the tenant, requester and affected end user.


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When specifying a TENANT, opening an incident, and defining REQUESTER and AFFECTED END USER, the category list displayed is not accurate.


  1. Open web screen painter and open Schema Designer from Tools->Schema Designer.

  2. Locate and navigate to the 'cr' object.

  3. Click on the column, 'customer (Affected End User)'

  4. The 'Service Provider Eligible' flag must be checked previously, uncheck it.

  5. Click on the column, 'Requested_by' and check the flag 'Service Provider Eligible'

  6. File->Save and then 'Save and Publish' to publish the changes.

  7. Stop the Service Desk Services.

  8. Run pdm_publish and after it is completed successfully, start the Service Desk Services.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration