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SOI - CA Directory Service / dxserver status command returns "itechpoz inconsistent"


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


This article describes a solution for an issue where the CA Directory Service 'dxserver status' command returns status 'inconsistent' in a SOI environment, which results in SOI users being unable to authenticate.  


- SOI 4.2 
- CA Directory
- dxinfo r12.0 SP13 (build 8091)


1. dxserver stop itechopz

2. Go to %DXHOME%\pid folder and check if any files (including hidden files) reflect the dsaname (i.e. itechpoz itself). 

- If yes, delete ALL of the manually (should be just one though).

3. dxserver start itechpoz

4. dxserver status

- The status should now return as 'started' and not 'inconsistent'.