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RC/S Authorization Selection Privileges (and what they mean) for a Table


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 Updating an Object within an Application Domain brings up the RC/S Authorization Selection panel. Authorization choices on this screen will vary depending on the type of object (DB, TS, T etc).  For a table 
what is the meaning of all the authorization options?

RSATHDT  20.0   -------- RC/S Authorization Selection ------- 2020/03/25 09:22
 COMMAND ===>                                                  SCROLL ===> PAGE
 Domain Name => APPLDM                                    DB2 ID     => D12A
 Description => TEST APPL DOMAIN                          Department => TSTDEPT
                                                     A    S    I     D     U    U     I     A   R    R   T
                                                     L    E   N    E     P    P     N    L   E    F   R
 NAME               CREATOR         L    L    S    L     D    C     X    T   F    C   G
 CUSTBILL           USER1          __   G   G_  G_  G_  __  __  __  __  __  __
 ******************************* BOTTOM OF DATA ********************************


Release : 19.0  20.0

Component : RC/Secure


These relate to the privileges to be granted to users and mean the following:  

 Grants all table or view privileges for which you have GRANT authority.
 Grants the privilege to create a view or read data from the specified table or view.

 Grants the privilege to insert rows into the specified table or view.

 Grants the privilege to delete rows in the specified table or view.

 Grants the privilege to update rows in the specified table or view.

 Grants the privilege to update only the columns named. 

 Grants the privilege to create an index on the specified table.

 Grants the privilege to alter the specified table or create a trigger on the specified table.

 Grants the privilege to add a referential constraint in which the specified table is a parent. 

 Grants the privilege to add or drop a referential constraint in which the specified table is a parent
 using only those columns that are specified in the column list as a parent key.

 Grants the privilege to create a trigger on the specified table.

For additional detail see: DB2 12 for z/OS SQL Reference - Chapter 7 - Statements (pg 1923)

PF1 Help shows the options for each privilege on a table are:
Field: Privileges

    Description: For each object type, a different set of object
                 privileges is displayed.

                  Y   Grant the authority. The grant is pending until
                     implementation is executed.

                 G   Grant the authority, with grant option. The grant
                     is pending until implementation is executed.

                 R   Revoke.  The revoke is pending until implementation
                     is executed.

                 *   An asterisk is displayed in the second part of the
                     field if the change is pending.