Epic Tape Management & Optica Virtual Tape Requirements
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Epic Tape Management & Optica Virtual Tape Requirements


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EPIC for z/VSE


In the process of converting from a Luminex virtual tape device to an Optica virtual tape device. We run zVSE 5.2/zVSE 6.2 under zVM 6.4. We share the catalog between 3 VSE systems.

Are there any fixes or special considerations required for this new device?




Release : 5.2

Optica and Lumina Virtual Tape Systems


There are no EPIC fixes for OPTICA support. You should direct any questions concerning the OPTICA/EPIC interface to OPTICA Support since they provide the interface.

When EPIC is running, it isn't even aware OPTICA is running on the system.

Additional Information

You may also want to inquire with Optica support for the proper code level on the zvt device that supports CA EPIC for VSE.