CA View - Hang Experienced in SAREAS
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CA View - Hang Experienced in SAREAS


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The client found the View SAREAS task to hang.
Could this be a possible hardware issue?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


It was observed, from both the client's SYSLOG and the IPCS dump provided, that the CA 1 database (the TMC, Tape Management) was reserved on a particular disk pack, within the SAREAS address space.

At the time, CA 1 had passed control over to the external security system (RACF) via a call to the CA Common Services.
The call should have been returned, but was not.

The client was asked to see if there were any RACF datasets on the disk volume in question, as the volume where the CA 1 TMC resides should not contain any other system-critical datasets.

They were also asked to consult their RACF administrator, to see if parameter TAPEDATASET is ACTIVE within RACF.
(Note: This can be checked by issuing a "SETROPTS LIST" command and looking for TAPEDATASET. This is not a class, but rather is an actual option listed after the classes when a "SETROPTS LIST" command is issued.)

It was recommended that the CA 1 option OCEOV be changed to NO, as the client was doing double-security checks during OPEN processing for tape files; once from RACF and once from CA 1.

Again, it was the call from CA 1 that never returned.

Regarding security and CA 1, it was recommended that the CA 1 system programmer review the YSVC option (currently set to NO).
With this option disabled as it is, anyone can use a batch-utility (such as TMSUPDTE) to update any field in any record of the TMC.
This makes it easy for someone to read/update/delete any tape file.