9.2 upgrade Performance Reports Designer
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9.2 upgrade Performance Reports Designer


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After updating to 9.2 we have noticed that the origin values are appended to the end of the server name in the Performance Reports Designer. We understand that this is due to the origin data now being associated with the ci id. Our issue is that when we have clients come in to make their reports they could see multiple servers with different origins.  This to us is going to cause issues with them not seeing all of the metrics if they choose the wrong servername/origin. We have also reviewed the document that describes how to make the origins the same but if we do this we would have to make every hub have the same origin name which does not seem prudent. We would like to know other options as to how to have only the server name and not the servername/origin show up in the performance report designer. If this is not resolved we will most likely have issues in promoting our production environment to 9.2


Release : 9.1.0

Component : UIM - UMP_REPORTS


- PRD design change between versions


As this was mistakenly added in between releases, Origin was never a part of the User interface for any reports but is addressed in the background based on the permissions of a given user's Account. But this was wrongly added as per some specific customer requirement last year. So we removed this feature completely in the next release v20.1.