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USM - snmpcollector no data or duplicated QOS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am trying to monitor 2 firewall devices via SNMP with snmpcollector probe. The devices are the same model, but have different IPs and names.
There are 2 entries for them in the inventory, as it should be.
I can only see metrics for one device in USM and in performance reports.
If I delete one of the devices in the inventory and the corresponding profile in snmpcollector, then I will see the metrics for the other device in USM.
In http://<snmpcollector IP Address>:9715/metrics I can see that both devices are being polled successfully.

I am using UIM version 9.2.0 and snmpcollector  4.0.3.


UPDATE S_QOS_DATA SET ci_metric_id = NULL WHERE probe = 'pollagent';

Restart data_engine probe