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CAPC x Spectrum and Service Desk integration - wrong URL when trying to use the “Trouble Ticket ID” link


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Spectrum and Service Desk integration and when is generate an alarm automatically is generate a Ticket in Service Desk

On Spectrum this integration generate a link for Service Desk like this:

But on CAPC web page Device Alarms the Trouble ID show this link:

We can see that the CAPC changes the URL replacing the “+” sighs with spaces (%20) and Service Desk will not accept it.

Service Desk error after logon using the URL from CAPC:
AHD04617: AHD04617:Unknown webengine operation "SHOW_DETAIL FACTORY=iss PERSID=cr:401076"



Release : 3.7
Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


CAPC use the escaping the URL which should be done due to security concerns
%20 the escaped way to pass SPACE


Use '&' in the place of '+' to open the Service Desk URL

Below URL that works:

The Service Desk integration procedure that's generating the URL needs to be updated.

Please talk to Spectrum team regards this integration...