How do you close alarm in UIM via CLI
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How do you close alarm in UIM via CLI


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


So for some unknown reason since upgrading to 9.20HFx, SOI alarms that are cleared or closed in our SOI PROD are not closing the respective alert in UIM. I have to manually everyday run a batch file that checks all these alerts that are out of sync and then get all the alarm ID's past them into excel and do an action.close("###alarmID###") then paste that into the nas script and run it so the cleared alerts are now closed in UIM.

I can execute and action from w/in SOI from a command prompt and I was wondering how would I close alerts in UIM from a cmd or CLI? I can pass it the alarm ID if that's all I need but what would be the command. There is a robot on the SOI MGR box so I have the pu.exe command available if that's whats needed.


UIM any version


There is webservices_rest alarm calls to Accept or Acknowledge

and look at that nas probe utility has a callback close_alarms
so pu can be used to command line that as well.

Examples of probe utility commands that can be used in programs.
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Or just probe call back for nas:

pu -u administrator -p password /UIM/LAB_PriHub/lab-uim/nas close_alarms nimid SE30961796-00392