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IEC514D DCK OR LBL trying to open tape for INPUT


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


A DUMP Data Set created by DFDSS can't be used for restore by a different User.
The RESTORE job failed with

*IEC135A U 0B01,vvvvvv,RESTAPE,STEP010,DAILY.BACKUP.G0019V00

Only the User that created the tape can use it for RESTORE


Release : 12.6

Component : CA VTAPE


To be able to restore the tape grant the user READ access to IBM FACILTIY IEC.TAEPRING as described in chapter

Read-Only Access to Virtual Volumes (IEC.TAPERING)

If the installed security software is set up to do volume-level checking, you may need to code the IBM IEC.TAPERING facility profile. Update the profile to allow those individuals with read-only access to certain data sets to read the data sets after they are written to Virtual Volumes. The operating system automatically prevents an individual with read-only access to a 3480 or 3490 tape data set from mounting the tape when that data set was created by someone with alter access and the write ring is installed. The write ring is normally considered installed for Virtual Volumes.
Allowing read access to the IEC.TAPERING facility does not override the existing data set level security. The security software stops any attempt by someone with read-only access to open the data set for output processing.

Note: For information about the IEC.TAPERING facility, see the IBM documentation SecureWay Security Server RACF Security Administrator's Guide

Additional Information

See chapter Security Requirements