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After upgrade to 17.2, Notifications are not working: Uncaught error from thread [] shutting down JVM


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Upgrading from 17.1 to 17.2 the email process for notifications pdm_mail_nxd  is not working.

In stdlogs:

pdm_proctor_nxd 8480 SIGNIFICANT STDIO 0 Uncaught error from thread [] shutting down JVM since 'akka.jvm-exit-on-fatal-error' is enabled for ActorSystem[mailNxdActorSystem]
pdm_proctor_nxd 8480 SIGNIFICANT STDIO 0 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/DataSource


Release : 17.2

Component : Svc Desk Email


As part of AdoptOpenJDK 11 being used a runtime environment in 17.2 (17.2RU2), we made changes to pdm_startup.tpl to add this activation jar in classpath as Java11 will not have this. This is missing in customers startup file.
Missing jar files.


- Navigate to folder NX_ROOT\pdmconf folder
- Open pdm_startup.i.tpl, for the pdm_mail_nxd daemon, ensure adding the activation.jar in the classpath
- Needs to do similar changes for the pdm_startup.i file as well
- Restart Service Desk Manager service

Also some jar files are missing, so, apply latest 17.2 Rollup patch. So that all the missing jars can be applied.