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How do I remove an agent server from the APM UIs (WebView, Workstation)


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How can I remove an agent server from the APM UI (WebView, Workstation). See the screenshot below:





Release : 10.x

Component : APM Agents


You will need to use the APM Workstation (not WebView) to unmount the agents on that server. Once all the agents are unmounted, the host should disappear from the metric tree. See the steps below:

This process assumes that the App Server that hosts each agent the server to be removed is down.

1. Start the Workstation (http://apmserver:8081/) - Then click on Start Workstation and connect to the MOM or specific Collector.
2. Select Workstation-> New Investigator
3. Select the Metric Browser Tab
4. Expand the Host you want to remove
5. Right click on the agent and select  'UnMount Agent'

Repeat these steps for each agent that appears under the host.

Once the last agent on this server is unmounted, it should disappear from the metric tree in the APM UIs (WebView, Workstation, etc).