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How does Portfolio Targets Role Totals get populated for Portfolios?


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How are the Portfolio Targets -> Role Totals data populated for monthly totals?


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1. First, add the roles you want to be included by clicking the Add Roles button on the bottom of the Targets page

2. You can manually enter amounts that are planned for the roles

3. You can also use the "Populate Capacity" button/option 

  • If you use populate capacity, the amounts are pulled in based on the amount of total availability of resources assigned to the roles int he system
  • You can narrow down the capacity by OBS using the following steps:
  • Check the check box next to the roles then click Populate Capacity
  • Add your filter requirements (including OBS) and then click filter
  • Check the Roles you want to be calculated and click Add
Example: User1 is assigned primary role of Project Coordinator (but not assigned as this role on any projects in the portfolio) - and only this resource is assigned to this role in the system.
In this scenario FTE is used for measurement
1. Go to the Targets tab of the portfolio
2. Click Add Roles
3. Add the role "Project Coordinator"
4. Click "Populate Capacity"
5. Check the check box next to the User1 role and click Add
Results: Totals per month are pulled in based on the resource's availability for each month.
  • So, if the resource's availability is 8 hours per day, then the totals for this month would be 1 (1 full time equivalent).
  • If the resource's availability is 4 hours per day, then the amounts would display as around .5 (1/2 a day) 
  • Other factors such as vacation days on their calendar will change this amount.

Additional Information

See: Define Role Targets of the Create a Portfolio of Investments Documentation.