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What are restore options for an OMVS DSN on a Volume believed to be backed up by CA Software


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS DISK BACKUP AND RESTORE


I am in need of a RESTORE JOB for an OMVS DSN. 

My DSN lives on a volume that is not covered by Full Volume FDR backups, therefore I am assuming that the volume in question is in fact backed up by CA DISK.

Is there a job that can query your database to list the options for recovery of my DSN?




Release : 12.5

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore


OMVS data sets can be processed by CA Disk if Sysparm USEDSSIO is specified with ZFS to process the OMVS [also known as ZFS] data sets.
Or, " * " would allow this Sysparm to process all the available DSTYPES that this Sysparm supports:
To see if CA Disk did process the data set in question, run a LISTD.
If your data set was backed up or archived by CA Disk, then a normal RESTORE is all you need to get it back.