Use of Global Changes in RC/Migrator
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Use of Global Changes in RC/Migrator


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS


When analyzing a migration or alteration strategy with RC/Migrator for Db2 for z/OS (RCM), you may want to change certain naming conventions for the
resulting DDL while keeping the structure intact. For such instances, you can use the product's built in "Global Changes" feature.


To use the Global Changes feature during analysis:

1. Enter "Y" on the GLOBAL CHANGES line of the RC/M Migration Strategy Analysis panel and press Enter

2. This will bring you to the RC/M Global Changes Panel where changes at various levels of the DDL structure can be specified. In the "From" column, set what 'FROM' value you want to change, for example, an * will change all instances of that value to what you specify in the "TO" column for that value. A percent sign can be used as a partial wild card in the FROM field. For example, a value of "TE%" changes all versions of a variable that starts with "TE", such as "TEST" or "TEMPER."

3. For global changes that will only be used once press PF3 when you have finished specifying the changes, then analyze and execute the strategy as you normally would. The global change set is given a name of TEMP and is not saved.

4. To keep the changes specified for re-use in later strategies, change the SET NAME, SHARE OPTION, and DESCRIPTION on the RC/M Global Changes Panel prior to pressing PF3 to analyze and execute the strategy.


To manage or edit existing sets of global changes:

1. From the RC/Migrator Main Menu select "0" for Profile, then "3" for Global Change Services. This will present a list of all sets defined with your creator on the Db2 subsystem. Use the following codes next to SETNAMES in the O column to manage existing sets in the following ways:

  • Enter U to Update an existing Change Set
  • Enter T to Template an existing Change Set
  • Enter B to Browse a Change Set
  • Enter D to Delete a Change Set
  • Enter C in the O column next to a blank set name to create a completely new Change Set. Give the set a name, set the Share Option, and press Enter, this will take you to the RC/M Global Changes Panel mentioned in step 2 above to specify the new Change Set.

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