Member IDDXI5J0 in install library *.CAGJSRC
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Member IDDXI5J0 in install library *.CAGJSRC


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This document describes the purpose of member IDDXI5J0 in install library *.CAGJSRC.


Release : 19.0
Component : CA IDMS


The purpose of IDDXI5J0 is to contain a list of new or changed dictionary entities which must be added/modified in the dictionary during an upgrade configuration.

The full syntax of all dictionary entities (changed or not) is always contained in the relevant *.CAGJSRC(*) members that are concatenated to the IDDINP ddnames of the XCMD** steps in the various configuration jobs which perform IDMSDDDL updates.

IDDXI5J0 is a list of the names of the new/changed entities only, not the actual syntax.

The XCMD** steps of the IDMSDDDL steps read IDDXI5J0 and the *.CAGJSRC(*) members, and generate the required input.
It is done this way to reduce the amount of IDMSDDDL processing required.

Before running the configuration jobs, make sure you have the latest version of IDDXI5J0 by applying the most recent APAR which delivers it.
As of December 4, 2023, that is LU11914.

The updates to IDDXI5J0 are cumulative so if you have the latest one, none of the previous versions are required.
But for the record, previous versions were provided by:
Included in the S1912 pax file: RO93158 SO00341 SO07404 SO07598 SO01076 SO08006 SO09990 SO10889
After the S1912 pax file: SO12360 SO12399 SO13488 SO14268 LU00800 LU02076 LO02666 LU02857 LU03117 LU04814 LU05151 LU06556 LU07531 LU08401 LU08708 LU09422 LU09971 LU10660.

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