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TDM: Issue found trying to connect Javelin to DB2 database


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Going back to the other issue in this ticket i.e. trying to connect to DB2 database using Javelin, my DB2 DBA was able to setup the .NET Data Provider for DB2 in the machines.  It is successfully validated now both on my local and server machine.


Initial goal was to try to use the DB2 connections in Javelin Bulk copy activities, but I was today trying to establish successful connectivity with my DB2 connections to see if I can run a Select query in DB2 - Execute Query Activity within Javelin.


  • But as shown below, I am encountering below error messages when I tried pressing Test button inside the activity in my Local and Server machine’s Javelin flow.  Can you please advise me on the same?  Based on the error messages, it seems Javelin is not able to detect additional parameters when specified in ConnectionString (or) AdditionalConnectionParameters.


Local machine (uses gateway connection to DB2 database)

Server machine (uses SSL connection to DB2 database):


Release : 4.8

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Please uninstall the 32-bit version of Javelin (which is what you presently have), as well as the ODAC32. Make sure that all traces of Javelin have been removed from the “Program Files x86” folder. The new default location is going to be “Program Files” for the 64-bit version.

Javelin- was uploaded when this was initially resolved. I have uploaded the latest Javelin- and the latest Subset- from our latest Patches.

Note: The TCP/IP statement at the end of the Connection string needs to be removed, since the connection uses sockets and not a TCP/IP address. Also, the Connection string should be entered in the "Additional Connection Parameters" and not as the "Connection String".