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Need to be able to insert line breaks in the "Notes" field of an alert


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Automation Point


When sending an alert to the new AP Alert Manager the Notes field appears as a sequence of characters without any line breaks. 
Using the following REXX code on OPS for testing purposes:
DESC = " Alert from OPS" date(e) || ' time:' time()
notes.1 = "Alert notes line"                       
notes.2 = "Alert notes line"                       
notes.3 = "Alert notes line"                       
notes.4 = "Alert notes line"                       
notes   = ''                                       
do i = 1 to 4                                      
NOTES = notes || notes.i ' 'i || x2c('0D0A')       
ADDRESS AP "ALERT ",                               
           " NOTE('"NOTES"')",                     
           " SEVERITY(WARNING)",                   
           " CUSTOM(message_id("i"))",             
           " AGENT(AGNT)"                          
SAY RC                                                                                      

The Notes field at the AP side appears as a continuous string of characters:


Release : 11.6

Component : CA Automation Point


Line breaks can be added by inserting the string "\n"
For example: 

NOTES = notes || notes.i ' 'i || '\n'