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Mass changes needed for sql queries in GTDataMaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need to make sure we can maintain our SQL queries, en mass. 
Please let us know where this information is saved outside of GTDataMaker so we can develop a system to make changes to many queries at once.


Release : 4.6

Component : CA Test Data Manager


The columns are stored in gtrep_test_column (tc_column_name and tc_definition) and you need to link it to gtrep_test_row (tc_tr_id <> tr_id) then to gtrep_table_def (tr_table_id <> td_table_id) and gtrep_level_detail (tr_ld_id <> ld_id)

If size of tc_definition data is 2000 then data is stored in gtrep_tc_clob (tcc_definition)