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How are alarms handled from Spectrum integration with Virtual Network Assurance (VNA)


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CA Spectrum


After fully integrating Spectrum with VNA we have the following questions regarding Alarms

1. What alerts will be shown in Spectrum by default? Does any customisation with events need to be done Spectrum side? 

2. Enabling VNA to listen to syslog messages will Alarms be created by default or only events?




Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Alarms  / VNA 3.7 Integration


Answers to the above questions:

1. Any SNMP enabled entity will be modeled as SNMP device, so traps/events/alarms work by default.
    For virtual entities, Spectrum generates events when VNA sends faults/event, no customizations needed.

2. All faults/events sent by VNA are mapped as events in Spectrum. But not all are alarms.