ppm Troubleshooting
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ppm Troubleshooting


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


ppm Troubleshooting:-

Message: Request Error: Probe iostat on robot /Domain/Primary_hub/robotname is busy.

Error Code: PPM-023




UIM 9.02 and later
PPM 3.49 and later


Follow these steps after you deploy the probe on a hub:

1. Deactivate the ppm probe.
2. Clean the files related to the specific probe from the CA UIM Installation Directory/probes/services/ppm/cache folder.
3. Activate ppm probe.
4. Verify that a probe specific jar file for the new probe version is created in CA UIM Installation Directory/probes/services/ppm/adapterlib folder.

If a jar file is not created, restart the automatic_deployment_engine (ADE) probe and check the AC GUI for the changes.