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Unable to Print Full Gantt Chart in Phoenix Theme - Can only Print 1 Page


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Currently, all that will print, when selecting a 'printable' version, is what is currently visible in the window (1 page).  
If the project plan is long, you have to print it in page segments.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Set the Clarity UI Theme to a Phoenix theme
2. Create a project with 100 tasks (or enough tasks to require at least 2 pages of printing)
3. Navigate to the Gantt
4. Click the Print icon
5. Right click and select Print
Expected Results: You are able to print more than 1 page and you should be able to scroll down to all additional pages (such as page 2)
Actual Results: You can only print one page. If you scroll down, you will only see 1 page regardless of the number of tasks.
In the print setup, it will display "1 page" (if attempting to save to PDF) or "1 Sheet of Paper" if attempting to print 
Screen shot of view when using Save as PDF


Release : 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.7, 15.7.1



  • This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.8
  • Workaround: Change the UI Theme to something different then Phoenix Theme