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MSP Tasks changing to Fixed Units instead of Fixed Work when exporting from Clarity PPM


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New tasks created in Clarity PPM are exporting to Microsoft Project (MSP) as Fixed units instead of Fixed work
  • The MSP project setting is correctly set as Default task type of Fixed Work (both for the project exported, and also all new projects in MSP)
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create a new project in PPM
  2. Assign one or more team members to the project
  3. Go to the project Gantt in Classic Clarity PPM
  4. Create a new task in PPM (Non Fixed Duration) 
  5. Assign a resource to the task with some ETC
  6. Export the project to MSP
  7. Add Type column to the task view and view the Type value for the task
Expected Results: Type value is Fixed Work since the default task type for the project is set to Fixed Work
Actual Results: Type value is Fixed Units


Release : 15.3


MSP New Driver


  • This is due to an issue with the Clarity PPM MSP Interface. 
  • When reviewing the XML for a problem task, you can see the Task type is 0 (Fixed Units) instead of 2 (Fixed Work)


This issue is resolved in the Clarity PPM 15.8 MSP Interface.
Workaround: Change the task type in MSP to Fixed Work and then save the project back to Clarity PPM

Additional Information

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  • KB:71385 - CA PPM and MSP integration - List of Knowledge Documents
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