How can I switch to a different dump repository PRTLIB when in the PRTLIB repository viewer?


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CA SymDump for CICS CA SymDump Batch



Some clients maintain multiple dump repository(PRTLIBS) on specific group level. Such as separate production, QA and development PRTLIBS.

However the CAOUDFRX options module only has one PRTLIB entry to assign to as the default PRTLIB. Options module CAOUDFRX parameter PRTLIB=HLQ.PRTLIB controls where the dumps are written to and which PRTLIB is used by the repository viewer to display the dumps. How can the user point to a different PRTLIB when using the repository viewer?


After starting the repository viewer the default PRITLIB is displayed as per the CAOUDFRX PRTLIB= parameter. If the user wants to switch to a different PRTLIB dump repository they can use the SETINDEX command to change it.

In the example below the user is switching to the QA PRTLIB using the SETINDEX command by doing the following.


Press enter will displays a pop up windows as follow:

CA-SymDump Batch  r9.0          - Report Index ------------------ Line 1 of 101
Command ===>                                                   Scroll ===> CSR
CAPI100I Repository contains 101 report(s) ------------------------------------
Repository +------------------------------------------------------+
  2631 Da  |                                                      |
Filter: Jo | Enter Repository Dsname:                             |
       Co  |                                                      |
---------- | ===> 'HLQ.QA.PRTLIB'                                 | ----- Lvl 1
Cmd  JobNa |                                                      |    UserId
.   PER$1  +------------------------------------------------------+ 7  AAAAA02

Press enter again to change the default PRTLIB dump repository to the QA PRTLIB named HLQ.QA.PRTLIB.


Component: SYMBAT