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TDM-Data cloning with Null values


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



I have a question for data cloning when data has null character. 

Please consider following scenarios with null data and provide your answers :

Scenario 1: Parent table has null values in one of the mandatory column . Will the cloning work for any child table?


Scenario 2: Parent have 3 child tables . Value in one column for the child table 1 is null/empty.Other 2 child tables have proper values. 

-Will data be cloned for all 3 child tables ?

-Will child table 1 data be cloned till the transaction before it reaches null values.

-Will all the other values after null be ignored?



Release : 4.6

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Based on the Cloning rules set in the data pool for each column, values would be generated. If it is set just to copy from Source then, null would be copied as null no matter if it is in Parent or Child table. The User should make sure that the right set of Cloning Rules are used based on the schema structure of source and target to be able to generate the data correctly.

seqlov() allows you to copy data from source to target
formatencrypt(seqlov()) would allow you copy and mask on the fly

if further assistance is required to understand the cloning rules and its usage based on certain scenarios, please involve account team representative to engage the SWAT team.