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Upgrading Autosys R11 Sp5 Incr


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CA Directory CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent



WCC is reporting Credential / Authentication Failure error messages during verify. These were the steps to regenerate EEM certificate use EEM safex tool


To regenerate EEM certificate in WCC 11.1 we can use EEM safex tool.

It is located in <WCC install location>\_uninst\safex\win 

For example

x: \Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\_uninst\safex\win 

We can find the IssueCertificate.xml in the safex folder.

Run the binary from windows command prompt

safex -h <EEM SERVER HOSTNAME> -u EiamAdmin -p <EiamAdmin password> -f IssueCertificate.xml 

You will get an output as below

X:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\_uninst\safex\win>safex -h xxxxxxx -u EiamAdmin -p xxxxxxxx -f ..\IssueCertificate.xml
Setting Translation file:
Detected EEM Server on host: [xxxxxxxxxxx]
OK: Successfully Authenticated
OK: action[Attach] with ApplicationInstance label[WCC0002]
OK: action[IssueCertificate] for ApplicationInstance label[WCC0002] user[]
OK: action[Detach] from ApplicationInstance label[WCC0002]
OK: Total objects Added[0]
OK: Total objects Modified[0]
OK: Total objects Removed[0]
OK: Total objects Skipped[0]
OK: Total objects Exported[0] 

The cert-uwcc.p12 is created in the folder from where the binary was executed. In our scenario it is
"x: \Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\_uninst\safex\win".

Copy the new cert-uwcc.p12 to the <WCC install location>\ConfigServer\config

Restart the WCC services.


Component: ETRDIR